Overview- ZMFT庐 Hydrophilic PVDF Filter Cartridge F2VL Series
ZMFT庐 F2VL series filter cartridge is made of hydrophilic PVDF membrane which is characterized with high flow rate and high throughput. The low protein adsorption performance of PVDF membrane makes the filter cartridge be suitable for sterilization filtration of various biological products. It can be directly used without being pre-wetted by organic solvent, which can greatly improve the convenience of use.
鈭?Hydrophilic, no need to pre-wet
鈭?Low protein absorption
鈭?High dirt holding capacity
鈭?Integrity Tested
鈭?Sterile filtration of LVP, SVP
鈭?Sterile filtration of antibody drug
鈭?Diagnostic reagent
鈭?Special ink
鈭?Draft beer
Flow Rate
MediaHydrophilic PVDF membrane
Cage, Core, EndPP
O-RingSilicone, Viton, EPDM, Teflon/Viton
Removal Rating锛埼糾锛?/p>0.1锛?.22锛?.45锛?1.0锛?.0, 5.0
Outer diameter68mm
Length5鈥? 10鈥? 20鈥? 30鈥? 40鈥?/p>
Filtration Area鈮?.62 m2 /10鈥?/p>
End Cap Type222/Fin, 226/Fin, 222/Flat, 226/Flat/DOE
Operating TemperatureB1: PP cage锛?0鈩?/p>
B2: PP cage+ SS end liner锛?5鈩?/td>
B3: PP cage+ SS liner 锛?5鈩?/td>
Forward direction4bar (23鈩?
Reverse direction2bar (23鈩?
Steam sterilization123鈩傽30min (online/offline)
Integrity Test
Bubble point锛圵ater@23鈩冿級0.22渭m鈮?.4bar
Ordering Information
Q: What is the minimum order of PVDF filter cartridge?
A: Minimum order is 1piece for PVDF filter cartridge.
Q: What is the period of validity for PVDF filter cartridge?
A: Expiry date is 2 years for PVDF filter cartridge.
Q: Is OEM service available?
A: We do offer OEM service for free.PVDF Filter Cartridge price

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