The LX electric single beam suspension crane is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with national standards and is used with CDI type and MDI type electric hoist to become a light and small crane with rail operation. The lifting weight is 0.5t-10, the span is 3-16m, the working level is A3-A4, and the working environment temperature is -20-+40掳C. It is forbidden to work in flammable, explosive and corrosive medium environment. Used for loading and unloading and handling goods in general workshops and warehouses. The operation forms are three types: ground operation, remote control, ground operation and remote control.
Q: How do you check the quality before delivery?
A: Our company has a professional quality inspection department, which strictly controls the quality of products.
Q: If there is a problem with the products we receive, how can you solve it?
A: If have any questions, please contact us in time. We will deal with themmmediately.
Q: How many operation methods for my selections?
A: We provide pendent controller with push button control type, remote control type or cabin control type. Please tell us what kind of operation way you need.
Q: I have low headroom in my workshop, is it possible to install a crane in it?
A: We have special products for low headroom workshop, our engineer can give the best design according to your dimensions.LX Electric Single Beam Suspension Crane suppliers

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