Office paper is most used and frequently in all office supplies, it is indispensable to our daily office, also called culture paper, mainly include writing paper, copy paper, print paper, a4 paper, exercise book paper, notebook paper and offset paper. Office paper is very important for enterprise.According to the quality of office paper, need sizing machine,calendar to improve paper smoothness and glossiness, and control the thickness at a certain degree, pure wood pulp,virgin pulp,virgin wood pulp as raw material,virgin pulp is best.
Usually high-quality office paper, is high white uniformity, vivid color development, and comfortable vision,thickness is divided into 70g, 80g, 85g, etc., the thicker the better;high stiffness, smooth passing machine, continuous printing is not easy to jam paper.Sizing process have three kind:acid sizing,alkaline sizing,neutral sizing;neutral sizing is best.Calender is hard calendering and soft calendering,soft is better.

NO.Equipment nameQuantity(set/sets)
12600mm multi-dryer and fourdrinier office paper making machine1
2Full closed dryer can exhaust hood2
3axial-flow ventilator6
4roots vacuum pulp4
5suction boxAccording to the drawings to match neat
6Air pump2
7Air tank2
8Sizing machine1
9four rolls calender1
10Horizontal pneumatic winding machine1
11Frame type rewinding machine1
12Frequency conversion controlling cabinet1
13work table
Technical Parameter of Office Paper Making Machine:
1. Raw material: waste paper,wood pulp;
2. Output paper:office paper;
3. Output paper weight:60-120gsm;
4. Net paper width:2600 mm;
5. Fourdrinier wire width: 3100mm;
6. Capacity: 50T鈭旸;
7. Working speed: 180-250 m鈭昺in;
8.Design speed:300m/min;
9. Rail space锛?700mm;
10.Drive way:alternating current frequency conversion adjustable speed ,section drive.
Finished Product
Our factory mainly produce toilet paper machine, culture paper machine, kraft paper machine, especially mosquito coil paper making machine and paper processing machine etc. Please provide us the information for the paper machine: raw material you will use,machine capacity per day, paper width, paper weight you require. We will offer you a good quotation.Culture Paper Making Machine for sale

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