Perfluoroalkyl betaine
Cas No112-34-5
Product NoYF-006B
Package5 Kg脳4 for plastic barrel and with external soild paper box.锛圕ustomizable label锛?/p>
StorageStorage is In light of the regulations of general chemicals.
Product Application
Perfluoroalkyl betaine is a kind of perfluoro-amphoteric surfactant. It possesses high surface tension,so it is widely usded as collecting agent in petroleum,extinguishing additive in fire control,emulsifier and dispersing agent in daily industry,aid in resin, fibre and leather processing.
Prodection Details
Our Advantage
All raw materials are carefully screened to be used in production.
Professional staff participate in every process of production.
High production capacity :If the production is saturated in one year, the annual output value can reach more than 100 million yuan.
Q锛歐hat is the advantage of Perfluoroalkyl betaine?
A锛欼t can significantly reduces the surface tension,and enables the formation of an aqueous film that is distributed over the entire surface of the hydrocarbon.
Q锛歐hich territories can use Perfluoroalkyl betaine?
A锛欼t can be very good efficiency on hydrocarbons, low or medium foam expansion,which means it can be used in AFFF锛孎FFP, AFFF-AR/FFFP-AR.More applications remain unknow.Fluorinated Surfactants suppliers

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