Ferro Silicon used as deoxidizer and alloying agents in the steel industry
Ferro Silicon FeSi
1. Ferro Silicon is with coke and steel scurf, quartz (or silica) as raw material and made by using electic furnace smeling.
2. Ferro Silicon is a kind of ferroalloy which is composed of forum and silicon. The ferrosilicon is silver grey and mainly used as the inoculants and nodulizers in casting industry and deoxidizer in steelmaking.
3. Applicaton:
Ferrosilicon has been widely used in steel and iron industry, casting industry and other industry production.
(1)Ferrosilicon can be used as deoxidizer and reductant in steel-making.
(2)Ferrosilicon can be used as inoculant and nodulizer in casting industry.
(3)Ferrosilicon can be used as alloy element additives.
Gradechemical composition(%)
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