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MaterialStainless SteelOrigin of PlaceZhejiang, China
Multifunctional Santoku Knife for Fish - professional 175MM Santoku knife for fish can handle daily kitchen tasks such as chopping, slicing, chopping and chopping fruits, vegetables and meat. This is a versatile kitchen knife, ideal for any home or professional kitchen chef.
1.Sharp blade - the blade is made of stainless steel with a hardness and a hand polished edge of 15 degrees on each side. Professional production of conical stainless steel edge, cutting simple and efficient.
2.High quality stainless steel - long term use can maintain good brightness, avoid corrosion, so that the chef knife rust, corrosion resistance, stain resistance, fast sharp, clean.
3.Easy to operate - protective pads and triple rivets enhance the skid resistance treatment (even in wet conditions), providing a safe and comfortable grip, full of abrupt and perfect balance to provide firm and comprehensive control.
1. Professional santoku knife for fish can be used in your daily kitchen work, such as chopping, slicing and chopping meat, vegetables, fruits, bread, etc. Super sharp edge and perfect radian meet all the requirements of the chef. Double sided cutting can also be used for left handed people.
2. The ultimate degree of fiber cutting out of the case of double sided santoku knife for fish does not damage the process. Cutting fresh lettuce, vegetables and meat can be done in one move, fully locking the nutrient juice of food and maintaining good taste.
3. Good balance and ergonomic design of santoku knife for fish, providing short cushion.
4. Rust proof stainless steel, continuous top performance.
5. Full serrated blade, easy to cut.
6. Keep meat from sticking to the knife.
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Maintenance and instructions:
1. Be careful of the sharp blade and avoid touching it directly.
2. Wipe with soap cloth after each use, and keep it dry and safe.
3. Washing hands is recommended, but the dishwasher is safe.
4. Use honing steel tool every 2-3 months to keep sharp.
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